Monday, 21 August 2017

Gucci Inspired Mules

Primark Mules, £14

I found these beautiful Gucci inspired mules in Primark two weeks ago! But it looked like they were all sold out because I could only find one pair and in one size! I slipped it on and it fit perfectly! It wasn't like those slides that say they're in your size but once you put them on you can't quite wiggle all your feet into the shoe but, which means that your heel ends up hanging off the back! Luckily , as you can see, I didn't experience that with these shoes.

I would say that they are a wide feet so size down if you generally have small/ slim feet. I am wearing a size 7/40 in this picture. This mule also has a play on the Miu Miu slide sandals which have also been a popular go-to for many this summer. Incorporating  the faux pearls against the dark suede black mule definitely gives this shoe a high-end feel! It's classy, elegant and certainly aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Being a tall girl, the heel height and shape on this mule is absolute perfection! It shouldn't be more than 3inches and is a block heel which makes it super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It's a nice statement piece to spruce up any outfit without being too OTT!

Now here's the sad part... as much as I adore these shoes - with the amazing price point of £14, once I got home I realised that a pearl on the left shoe was missing. Having searched frantically around my bedroom I realised that I had bought it defected! Writing this, I could've gone in to Hobbycraft to find a small pearl and glue gun it on to the shoe!! Well I didn't think about that at the time and returned the shoes. I'm gutted to say the least as I couldn't find another pair so I'm guessing it's not in their AW17 season. However, I shall be on the hunt for another affordable fashionable price like this one!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Are You, You?

At dawn we seek the motive of the 'they',
Our schedule a blank canvas waiting for their desires to ink up all the slots.

"I'm bored," you sigh, "entertain me".
You wait yet again for the 'they' to create for you their version of fun, in the hope that you too could smile for a moment.

A moment so short
Where's the worth in that?

Now don't get me wrong, it's all well and good- to be an open mind, free spirit , ready-to-try-new-things type of person.

I'm speaking to those that get too-

Carried away with the bustle to please others,
So much so that we forget about the 'me',
We forget about the 'I'.

Honey it's your life too,
Don't forget to do you boo!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


I'm going to share with you the top 3 ways you can get things done!

Okay, so many at times we get to the end of the day, we're just about snuggling under the duvet and then it hits us - Oh snap, I forgot to do (xyz)...

I always thought to myself,  how is it that we manage to let time slip away from us every single day. I mean, with 24 hours there's only so much lazying around one can do! - right?

Now I know, I know, there's always a pile of things in the back of our minds that we want to do, but we either A. Never end up getting it done or B. We start but never get round to finishing.

Nobody is perfect,  I myself am guilty of falling into this cycle.

The first issue here is that we store all the things we want to do in the back of our minds. This is a major pitfall, as by doing so we end up reducing the importance of this activity and in turn we begin to increase the importance of something else. This is done subconsciously, as when you are not prioritising what you really want to achieve you fill up that precious time by doing something that's completely irrelevant eg. binge watching Game of Thrones. (You're alone on this one guys haha!)

So, tip number one : PRIORITISE

It's simply not enough to keep the activity you really want to do eg. write that essay, in your mind. You have to make a priority out of it. You will know that you've made it so, once you've filled every single space in your day, which you would otherwise have tweeted "I'm bored someone entertain me",with working on writing that essay. When you prioritise, you maximise every opportunity in your day towards achieving that goal.

It's like a baby of yours. For the short period of time that you're working towards completing this task, you give it your full attention. By doing so, you are not only choosing this task first when it comes to carrying out your day to day activities, but you're also getting through the task faster.

Trust me on this one guys, you will find that the task that would ordinarily have taken you about two weeks to complete, could get through your itinerary in about half the time.

Nigerian Fish Pepper Soup

So today I decided to prepare a classic favourite of mine... Fish Pepper Soup! This is an easy and simple recipe and it takes about twenty mins in total to complete. Firstly, you want to clean the  fish. I am using my favourite Tilapia but another go-to for me is Panga fish (despite its controversy). 

I like to scrape the body to get rid of the scales and also ensure that the fish is degutted. Then I pour hot water onto the fish, this will help prevent the fish from breaking up into tiny pieces when you start cooking it. Remove the hot water immediately. As I was using frozen fish, It was now easier for me to cut up the fish as seen in the images below:


I also trimmed off the spiky parts, the head and the tail. Put the fish in a boil to one side and begin to chop up one onion, a clove of garlic and one habanero pepper. Alternatively you could put these into a blender for a finer finish. I don't mind seeing the bits in the soup.

Then you want to bring the fish to boil in a pot with one and a half cups of water and the onions. Once the fish begins to boil, add your salt, a teaspoon of curry powder, a teaspoon of chicken powder / a bouillon cube. I also put three maggi cubes however two would've been just fine.