Friday, 27 April 2018


Treasure Tress Box

I've just done my last washday of the month and thought it was about time to share with you all what I received in this month in my Treasure Tress Box. 

It came with a card that detailed all the products with recommendations of how they are to be used. I thought this was really nice, it’s definitely perfect for someone who’s new to the whole natural hair care journey. 

So what did I get?

First up was the matching Moisture Rich Cocoa Butter and Peppermint Oil shampoo and conditioner by Palmers. They were full sized products and the scent instantly reminded me of the chocolate After Eights ! The shampoo has a creamy consistency and was a pearly cream shade. I did find that it took me three washes until I was satisfied that my hair was cleansed. I will say that the shampoo is great for when there isn’t any buildup in your hair but you just want to soothe the scalp. 

The accompanying conditioner smelt the same way and has a thicker paste like consistency. It squeezes out the tube and when left on the hair for 10mins my hair felt ΓΌber soft! I was a little disappointed with the amount of product that’s in the tube because I found that I really need to squeeze a lot out to coat my hair. It’s thick and does not have any slip , so I would advise wetting your hair a bit before you apply. I wouldn’t call he product a conditioner, as it seemed more like a mask to me. All in all I did use up 2/3rds of the product these past two weeks. If I ever feel desperate for restoration to my hair, I wouldn’t mind falling back on  this up. Below is a picture of what my hair looked like with the conditioner sitting in. I did not aid it’s absorption by applying heat but I’m sure this would maximise the benefits of the products to my hair.

Moving on to the styling products, this box came with a Leave In conditioner from Activilong. This is the Actiforce Sapote and Black castor oil leave in for frizzy and kinky hair. I found that this best applied to damp ( but more on the dry side ) hair. It leaves no grease yet adds suppleness to my 4b/c kinks. I absolutely loved using this .  The final step is to seal with the oil, and this box came with Love Row Naturals Hair Amour in ‘Flora Blossom’ . I was intrigued by this oil because of the light blend of oils used. It has almond, grape seed, jojoba , castor oil and their essential oil blends. This is my FAVOURITE product from the box. My hair thoroughly enjoyed it despite not being the thick and heavy oil that I’m used to applying into my hair. The smell is quite fresh and herbal. I must confess it does remind me of washing up liquid but not in a repulsive way. It did make my scalp tingle a bit so I knew it was working ! My hair felt nourished and these two weeks I’ve seen greater shine and lustre.

To style I tried something new last week and did a hanging Bantu knot on braids. When I took those down my hair was still moisturised and despite being  heavy handed my hair was bouncy and light. It didn’t feel weighed down at all. I find that the oil and leave in are a perfect addition to my hair care journey and I’m exited to see what next month has in store for me! 

Lastly there was a swivel stick of the Palmers Cocoa Butter. At first I thought this was a lip balm - because to be fair that’s what was written on the front. However after a day of applying it onto my lips and something not feeling right I decided to read up on the ingredients. I compared it with my actual full sized Cocoa Butter by Palmers and noted that the list was the EXACT same. Ingredients were just listed in a varying order. Now that I know that,  the butter  is handy for when I’m going out and don’t feel like carrying a heavy jar or cream. I can just pop this into my handbag and be on my merry way!

As always guys, if you haven't already done so, subscribe over on the Treasure Tress website so you too can receive a box full of goodies!

Products I Received

Friday, 30 March 2018

The Day My Kinks Decided To Get In Formation!!

I have no words to describe how unravelling my braids made me feel on Wednesday morning. This is the first time I’m starting to appreciate shrinkage. It makes my hair appear fuller and denser which is awesome considering the fact that I naturally have thin strands. 

At first I thought, 'this is going to be a disaster', because my hair hadn't fully dried like I thought It had. This meant that most of it was still a bit damp- but it held to the braidout regardless!

I went in to university that morning feeling like a brand new woman! Take a look at the photos below to see why!

Not only did I recieve crazy definition-( I’ll do a post on how I achieved this very soon) , but my hair literally hung in a loveheart shape! It’s so beautiful isn’t it? 😍😍😍

I didn’t cut it I promise !

This is just a testimony to how versatile natural hair it! One day you can have it stretched such that your length is noticeable. The next day you can have it shrunken into a cute Afro!

I never knew my hair could do this! It most certainly is amazing! I LOVE my kinky hair!

It’s  so important to keep record of the little amazing things like this, so at the end of the year you can look back and reflect on how much your hair has flourished.

Have you witnessed something amazing from your hair recently? I’d love to know, so share down below!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How I Chose My Detangling Brush

Made by Gorgol
Since incorporating finger detangling into my hair care routine, I've noticed reduced breakage. This makes sense because combs and brushes are prone to snagging on the hair strands. When you have a lot of knots and tangles, a heavy-handed use of a comb can pull out extra hair strands along with the knot. Not only does this stunt length retention, but it aggravates the scalp. It is essential to detangle one's hair, but the best way to do so is when you aren't in a rush and approach your hair in a gentle and loving manner. The aim is to untangle the hair and get ride of knots. My hair is often easily mistaken for free-form dreads when I don't detangle it regularly!

Whilst on my hair journey of love this month, I noticed that my twists were quite frizzy. Perhaps I wasn't finger-detangling my hair properly, but I wasn't so fussed about it when wearing my hair in loose twists- I guess the frizz added to the look! However, this week I have worn my hair in chunky twists with a flat-twist side fringe. It didn't look as cute to have puffy frizzy twists on day one! 
To combat that,  I decided to get a detangling brush, to smooth in my styling products, such that the product is evenly distributed throughout my hair strands. 

Yesterday, I went in search for a Denman brush. This is the holy grail of the natural hair community for detangling and evenly distributing product through the hair. To my dismay, the bristles on that brush were hard and I couldn't phantom how I was supposed to rake something so hard into my soft hair. As well as that, the bristles of the brush were tightly packed together- and we all know small tooth combs aren't good for natural hair, so why get a small toothed brush? I know that some naturals, pull out the bristles from every other row, to make the Denman brush less dense, but what's the point? They cost about £10 and then I'm going to spend my time taking out bristles!? - No thank you !

I stumbled upon this Gorgol brush in TK MAXX and fell in love instantly!

The brush is made from 100% wood that is derived from well-managed forests. It's narrow headed with a comfortable handle. The cushion is 100% rubber and the bristles are plastic with a rounded top. There are five rows which makes it wide toothed! The brush can be used wet or dry. 

When used on my hair, the brush glides through my strands. Of course it pulls out the shed hairs, but I made sure to gently brush through small sections at a time. It also doubles as a scalp massager, the rounded pins and cushioned base make it truly relaxing. 

To clean I put it under cool running water and rubbed away the residue from my oils and butters. Then I placed it face down to dry so that the water could drain out. This would hopefully ensure that the gum which secures the cushion to the wood, does not wear away too quickly.

At a price point of £3.99, you really can't go wrong! 

I'm excited to see how this brush hold's up months down the line. I'll definitely keep you guy's updated at a later date.

Has this post been helpful? I would like to know some of the things you look out for when choosing your detangling brush. What do you steer towards and what's a no-go area and why?

Looking forward to your lovely comments down below!

Monday, 19 March 2018

The L.C.O Method

If you didn't already know, L.C.O / L.O.C is one of the most popular methods for moisturising natural hair! Here are the products I use and the order in which I've been applying it into my strands. 


I mist my hair with my tea spritz. I'll be making a post soon about what I put inside my tea spritz so stay tuned! My hair LOVES this! I mist it through my strands focusing on my roots and then on my ends. I prefer a mist as the water is concentrated and dampens my hair as opposed to leaving it drenched. This way I don't experience drastic shrinkage. Usually I've been keeping my hair in loose twists and would squeeze in the tea spritz. My hair feels supple and soft within seconds! 


To retain the moisture from my tea concoction, I apply my favourite leave-in conditioner. The Olive Oil & Mango Butter by Elasta QP is simply amazing! Not only does it glide onto my strands but it melts in and smells divine! I've found that this product lasts for up to two days after application! I smell it as I swish my head! 


I seal everything up with 100% African Shea Butter. My hair has loved Shea Butter for several years. I take a little and massage it into my palms to warm it up. Once melted I smooth it through my strands- focusing on my ends and roots. Because of the weight of it, It counts as my oil. As an extra finisher , I lightly apply my hair growth oil to coat my strands. This doesn't smell pleasant so I use very little so as to not mask out the Leave in Conditioner. Also I've found that too much can be drying on my hair.

This is the method I've been doing to keep my hair moist during the week. Its quick and simple, with minimal effort. My scalp massaging brush is on hand if I need to apply oil to my scalp. Also I enjoy using the infinity plastic hair bobble to put my hair into  a bun as it doesn't leave bends in my hair.  

Do you guys use any of the products mentioned above? Let me know what method you've been using to keep your hair moisturised during the week. If you tried out this method, comment down below how it went for you!

As always,

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Organics : Hair Mayonnaise | REVIEW

It's very rare that I finish a product and actually consider repurchasing it. So far the only product I have religiously repurchased is shea butter and olive oil. On my mums birthday I bought her the M.O.M by African Royale, which I had previously done an initial review on. I absolutely love the product, it's still the best I've tried to moisturise my dry hair. 

Today I come to you all with a protein based deep conditioner. Now I must admit, I probably bought this way back in 2013/14 when I'd sporadically attempted to treat my hair. Unfortunately I lacked consistency, hence me only finishing the tub now! - I know right, shocking!

So, here's the review:

The Product

Texture- It's a light silky texture which Is sure to absorb nicely into your strands - especially If you've got medium porosity hair like me! When I took a bit of the product and rubbed it into the back of my palm, It melted away within seconds.

Consistency - It's like a body cream. So not as liquid-y as a lotion but then not as thick like a butter. This makes it easy to scoop out and distribute through your hair. Each strand is equally coated. As I used the last of the product today, I used a spatula to help scrape the product from the sides of the container. 

Smell- Like olive oil and egg with a perfume. It's not off-putting, I've always liked the scent.

Colour- Yellow, polka dotted with very dark green herbs.

Cost - At the time of purchasing, this cost me £1.79 from Jinny's in Peckham. 

The Process

I started out with freshly washed hair that was damp as I'd allowed it to dry in my microfiber turban towel. My hair was also in sections - loose twists to be exact. I started with the right side of my head and from the back. I'd already mixed a teaspoon of avocado oil into the Hair Mayonnaise, then with a spatula, scooped some out and applied to my hair , working from the ends up. As I was practically running out, I decided to focus mainly on the ends of my hair during application. Then I loosely twisted each section back up and flipped my hair up and let it sit under my shower cap for 30mins.

I rinsed with lukewarm water in the shower. The product was easy to come out, and it has great slip! If you're someone that enjoys detangling your hair whilst it's soaking wet, you will fall in love with the slip of this product also.